Manor Farm Caravan Site

Let’s take a look at how we designed, installed and maintain a high-speed network at one of the Uk’s busiest Touring Parks.

Business Requirement

Manor Farm is a medium/large Touring Park in Dorset providing Customers with a wonderful outdoor holiday. They wanted to provide the entire park with a Pay To Access WiFi Network to allow customers to remain in contact with Family & friends and to search the web whilst they were away from home.

Having had multiple companies managing the system in the past, this network had to perform up to its expectations and more.

Our Solution

Being a large open space, theoretically, it is straight forward The unique manufacturing environment for this solution meant all works took place during factory close in a “clean room style” situation. All WiFi Access Points were located on the ceilings.

Once sealed they were then cabled back to the main cabinet. Bridge Networks to other buildings provide the business with a single grouped network. All are controlled and secured with Unifi Switches and Unifi Security Gateway Pro.

The system is managed and controlled on the hosted Clubwifi Unifi Controller platform, with regular updates and maintenance ensuring the factory runs smoothly with this technology at all times.

ClubWiFi Diagrammatic

What the customer had to say

Since moving over to Clubwifi here at Manor Farm Caravan Site this summer, we have had nothing but compliments from our customers. The new fibre line has increased the speed and the right amount of aerials has provided complete coverage over the whole site, something no previous company has managed!

Their system has worked flawlessly from the start and any technical updates were carried out immediately. One major benefit of using Clubwifi here at Manor Farm is that everything concerning the wifi is dealt with online, by their team, so there is nothing to distract our staff here in the office. We really wish we had signed up with them years ago!!

Tim Salter – Managing Director
Seaton, Devon