Safe and Secure Networks

All ClubWifi sites have an onsite Security Gateway. This provides advanced security, monitoring and management ensuring your clients are protected at all times whilst using the network.

It doesn’t happen often, but when you or your Customers need a helping hand we are just a call or email away. Our dedicated Support team ensures systems are running as they should, with continued monitoring.

There are continual updates to devices that are connecting to the network. Our Technical Team spends hours in research to see how these updates will affect the way Customers’ devices connect to the network – providing up-to-date support to guests to ensure they are online.

Whilst companies such as Apple make these vast changes to their products, it’s equally important to keep your WiFi Network updated to ensure that your Customers receive the best possible service.

All our Networks are completely bespoke to each and every business for this very reason for more information please give our Sales Team a call on 01626 270140.