ClubWiFi Has Gone Electric!

We’re excited to share some great news about ClubWifi. We recently made a significant change that will positively impact the environment: we’ve transitioned to an all-electric fleet of vehicles. As a company that spends many hours on the road visiting holiday parks and marinas up and down the country, it was necessary to us to

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Unsecured Databases

An unsecured database is like leaving your front door wide open… With sensitive information stored such as personally identifiable information, financial reports and Intellectual Property Rights. A large number of these breaches happen when databases are not secure or haven’t been configured correctly. It is vitally important to ensure the security of your Business’s data

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Broadband In Rural Areas

As the Internet becomes the Fourth Utility after Gas, Water and Electric the demand is increasing dramatically. This is something the Government are spending time and money investing in, but possibly not quite quick enough! For large businesses, such as Holiday Parks Leased Lines are the best option! A leased line is a dedicated broadband

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Dedicated Network Support

ClubWifi has supported its Clients and their Customers for nearly two decades now, its what we do best. With the Summer Holidays looming, have you had chance to think about the WiFi you are offering your Customers? Do you have a local and dedicated Support and Engineering Team? Do you have the time to support

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Safe and Secure Networks

All ClubWifi sites have an onsite Security Gateway. This provides advanced security, monitoring and management ensuring your clients are protected at all times whilst using the network. It doesn’t happen often, but when you or your Customers need a helping hand we are just a call or email away. Our dedicated Support team ensures systems

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