Paramount 21

Paramount 21 is a large-scale food manufacturer with a great reputation in the industry. They came to us looking for ways to improve their connectivity for their internal staff.

Business Requirement

Paramount 21 needed a secure WiFi network for their food manufacturing areas to give access to their equipment to their internal networks for better management control and process.

Also to link up other buildings to the same internal network, with secure internal access for all staff and equipment. On top of this, a requirement for high-speed internet for the business.

Our Solution

The unique manufacturing environment for this solution meant all works took place during factory close in a “clean room style” situation. All WiFi Access Points were located in the ceilings. Once sealed they were then cabled back to the main cabinet. Along with Bridge Networks to other buildings provides the business with a single grouped network.

All are controlled and secured with Unifi Switches and Unifi Security Gateway Pro. The system is managed and controlled on the hosted Clubwifi Unifi Controller platform, with regular updates and maintenance ensuring the factory runs smoothly with this technology at all times.

ClubWiFi Diagrammatic

What the customer had to say

ClubWifi have been very professional since we started using them for our Wifi services, whereas previously other suppliers told us the technology would never work in our factory, Kevin told us it would work and he was prepared to stand by his word. An efficient installation later and we have excellent coverage throughout our site with a seamless bridge to other buildings, all in all excellent solutions, expertly installed with the minimum of fuss and superb reliability.

Jon Philips – Managing Director
Newton Abbot, Devon