Caravan Park WiFi

Our Caravan Park WiFi allows you to offer free or paid WiFi services to your customers without having to worry about any of the common support issues, our dedicated support team handles all of that for you.

WiFi at your Caravan Park

Caravan parks are a popular choice for many people when they’re travelling. They’re affordable, comfortable places to stay that have all the amenities you need for a relaxing holiday.

However, there’s one thing that the majority of parks lack, fast and consistent WiFi. ClubWiFi has a range of Caravan Park Wifi solutions that are perfect for any Caravan Park, providing lightning-fast speeds to your guests.

caravan park wifi network
caravan park wifi

What are the benefits of a network with Club WiFi?

  • Dedicated support team
  • Engineering team on stand by
  • Regular site visits
  • Continual Network Maintenance
  • All WiFi Marketing Materials
  • No disruption to your business

Increase your revenue

A survey conducted by the Caravan Industry Association found that 75% of caravan parks with wifi had an increase in revenue compared with those without. People want to be able to check their email and social media accounts while they’re away from home, so if your caravan park doesn’t have WiFi, they might go elsewhere.
overhead view of bovisands caravan park
caravan park berth

Promote your Caravan Park online

Offering free WiFi give your guest the peace of mind that they’ll stay connected during their visits. People are more likely to visit a Caravan Park if they can stay connected while they’re there.

Improve your customer satisfaction

Anyone who has tried to use a public WiFi network knows how frustrating it is when something goes wrong, but having free access to WiFi at all times with ClubWiFi ensures a great user experience for your guests.


We have a range of solutions to improve your Caravan Park Wifi. Fill out our simple contact form below and a member of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

The level of difficulty involved whilst installing your network will depend on several factors. We carry out an on-site visit to ensure we recommend the best possible solution for your park.

Connectivity has become a major concern for potential guests deciding on the best park. Don’t miss out on your next customer by offering a free or charged high-speed internet solution.

No, our dedicated support team is always on hand to help any of your guest access the internet. From troubleshooting connections to general queries, we’ll deal with all your Wi-Fi issues so you can focus on running your business.

Yes, designing and installing a high-speed WiFi network is much easier during the development process and can often save you time and money, when compared to retrofitting at a later date.

Yes, we strictly control which sites can be accessed from our family safe networks ensuring that no illegal activity occurs on your connection.

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