Business WiFi Solutions

Whatever type of tourism or hospitality service you’re providing you can be sure of one thing – your customers expect fast, reliable and secure internet access while they are on-site with you.

Touring Parks

Wherever you are, we are able to deliver a Secure Wifi solution for your Touring Park Guests.

caravan park wifi network
caravan park wifi


Reliable Internet solutions for your berth holders are a must, weather and shipping forecasts in particular.

Static Caravan Parks

Wherever you are, we are able to deliver a Secure Wifi solution for your Touring Park Guests.

overhead view of bovisands caravan park
caravan park berth

Lodge Parks

We deliver a better-than-home experience for your guests with high-speed lease lines and internal WiFi.

Holiday Parks

Providing Cabled Wifi solutions for the ultimate guest experience is a must for Holiday Parks.


We have a range of solutions to improve your Caravan Park Wifi. Fill out our simple contact form below and a member of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

The level of difficulty involved whilst installing your network will depend on several factors. We carry out an on-site visit to ensure we recommend the best possible solution for your park.

Connectivity has become a major concern for potential guests deciding on the best park. Don’t miss out on your next customer by offering a free or charged high-speed internet solution.

No, our dedicated support team is always on hand to help any of your guest access the internet. From troubleshooting connections to general queries, we’ll deal with all your Wi-Fi issues so you can focus on running your business.

Yes, designing and installing a high-speed WiFi network is much easier during the development process and can often save you time and money, when compared to retrofitting at a later date.

Yes, we strictly control which sites can be accessed from our family safe networks ensuring that no illegal activity occurs on your connection.

Providing you with a reliable WiFi network

Wifi and Internet service for your customers is a real benefit. Capture user information, pass your latest news, and even encourage users to download your APP. 

Giving FREE SECURE WiFi has amazing business benefits if done properly.

How you satisfy that level of internet requirement, via WiFi or cables, will depend on many factors, including the location and landscape of your site as well as the type of areas that need network coverage. WiFi works perfectly for some parks, but a cabled network is the only reliable solution for others or a hybrid of both.

We will design a system that considers all the relevant factors and is appropriate for your business. Our goal is to provide you with a premium system that provides seamless connectivity and exceeds your customer’s demanding expectations. 

What our customers say

Premier Marinas understands that an exceptional WiFi Network is necessary across Marinas, so we partnered with ClubWifi Digital Solutions to provide our Berth holders with a 5* market-leading WiFi solution across all Marinas. The networks are supported by ClubWifi Networks 365 days a year through various communication channels, including Telephone, SMS, live chat and email. They also provide an extensive knowledge base to assist berth holders and the many MFD and electronic sailing devices to connect.

Our local marina managers have reported how they were previously experiencing complaints from berth holders but now have nothing but praise about the system. The berth holders and returning visitors have expressed how easy the system is to use and how their devices auto-connect anytime they arrive back at the marina.

Premier Marinas have been extremely pleased with the whole ClubWiFi team, from the initial on-site meeting to installation, to the ongoing support received by both our staff and berth holders. ClubWiFi has exceeded all expectations we had for delivering an exemplary WiFi service.

Premier Marinas, Hollie Luff

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