Holiday Park WiFi

Providing a reliable, fast WiFi connection at your Holiday Park can be a daunting prospect to park owners. The complexities of designing, installing and maintaining WiFi networks require expert skills and knowledge.

WiFi at your Holiday Park

Whether it’s trying to make dinner reservations or just wanting to check in with the office, having consistent, fast WiFi is critical to providing a great customer experience.

Thankfully, here at ClubWiFi we have an extensive portfolio of Holiday Park WiFi solutions that can provide ultra-fast connections for your guests.

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What are the benefits of high-speed WiFi throughout your Holiday Park?

  • It’s easy to use and convenient for your guests, who want to be able to check their emails or watch a movie on Netflix in their accommodation.
  • It helps you attract new customers by offering a unique selling point in comparison to other Holiday Parks
  • It ensures existing customers come back year after year because they can always count on having connectivity where they stay.
  • You can use the WiFi network as a way of generating revenue by charging guests for access and encouraging additional purchases (creating a new stream of revenue for your park).

What our customers have to say

I’m very proud my park is a member of the Clubwifi network. Our wifi and CCTV installations are excellent value for money. All the staff at Clubwifi are friendly and approachable. Any of the support issues have been solved quickly. You really do feel part of the team with Clubwifi and this is why our partnership is entering our 10th year. Long may it continue. 

Rob Hicks, Tregarton Park

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Interested in Holiday Park WiFi?

Use our simple enquiry form below to book a call or visit with our sales team so we can identify all of your initial WiFi requirements.

Following the initial assessment, a member of our engineering team will attend an on-site visit to complete an in-depth network survey. This will be followed by a comprehensive quotation detailing our proposed network.

Dedicated support for your guests 365 days a year

After sign-off, we’ll handle every element of your WiFi installation from your network set up to 365-day year support from our dedicated team.

Now the base layer is in place and from the needs analysis, we are now able to deliver even more on your network. Your APP downloads from your portal, remote CCTV and your own back office services are a few elements that will rely on this backbone network.


We have a range of solutions to deliver high-speed internet for the guests at your Holiday Park. You can fill out our simple enquiry form below and one of our network experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Yes, if you have a legacy network that is no longer suitable for the demand at your Holiday Park we can remove and completely restructure it with our market-leading WiFi solution.

No, we can carry out all of the work required without any impact to the running of your Holiday Park. If you’re concerned about how work might affect your guests please get in touch with a member of our network team for clarification.

Yes, we specialise in providing great signals and speeds anywhere in your Holiday Park.

This will be a personal decision based on your business requirements. Free WiFi can be an attractive, unique selling point in comparison to other Holiday Parks, alternatively, providing a paid network can offer another revenue stream to your business.

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