How to Use QR Codes For Your Business

We’re witnessing another effect of the coronavirus pandemic – an upsurge in the popularity and usage of QR codes (quick response codes).

QR codes are scannable 2D codes that prompt a specific action such as a website visit or app download. Invented in the mid-1990s, they became popular about 10 years ago when smartphones began to take off but soon fell out of favour as they weren’t very user-friendly.

But now, mainly down to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a new emergence. Improvements to the underlying technology and greater familiarity (thank the NHS Test and Trace App) means that QR codes are back in the game!

How Can You Use A QR Code?

With a few exceptions, all the guests in your park have a QR reader (a smartphone), in their pocket. So, make life easy for them by giving them access to your services at the tap of a button. And help make your park Covid-secure by reducing the paperwork burden and the need for physical interaction.

Here’s just a snippet of what you could enable via a QR code:

  • Log into your park WiFi
  • Download your park app
  • Visit your park website
  • Book activities or order food

Digital Signage is the perfect platform to display your QR codes. Placing digital signage at key locations around your park will capture your guest’s attention and show them relevant messages. You can quickly and remotely update the display screens to ensure you always deliver the right codes and information.

Need some help?

If you’ve got any queries about QR codes or would like help generating them for your park use, please get in touch.