Amazon Fire Tablet

As a major competitor to Apple, Amazon’s Fire Tablet market is becoming increasingly popular due to its high-quality, great performance and reasonable price. See below for how we can support your Amazon Fire Tablet on the ClubWifi Networks.

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1.0 – Updating your Amazon Fire Tablet #

For best performance of your Fire Tablet you will need to ensure it is on the latest software available. You can do this using the below guide:

1.1 – Ensure your Fire Tablet is connected to the internet. Swipe down from the top of the screen and select the ‘Settings’ gear.

1.2 – Scroll down and select ‘Device Options’

1.3 – Scroll down and select ‘System Updates’

1.4 – Select ‘Check Now’ to see if any updates are available. You’ll see the version of Fire OS currently on the device along with the date it was installed. If no updates are available your Fire Tablet is up to date

1.5 – If an update is available please follow the onscreen instructions to complete this.

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2.0 – Your Fire Tablet MAC Address #

A MAC address is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network. We often use this to pre approve your device on our network. To find it you need to:

2.1 – When on the home screen go to settings

2.2 – Select ‘Wi-Fi”

2.3 – Select the 3 vertical dots menu in the top right hand corner of the screen.

2.4 – Select ‘Advanced’ and you will be able to see the MAC address.

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3.0 – Rebooting your Fire Tablet #

Occasionally a reboot of your Fire Tablet may be required to resolve any connection issues. Below is a guide in how to do this:

3.1 – Press and hold the power button on the top of the tablet until the power menu appears.

3.2 – Select ‘Restart’ in the Menu

3.3 – If your Fire Tablet is not responding holding the power button down for around 20 seconds will force the tablet to turn off.

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4.0 – Connecting to a ClubWifi Network on your Amazon Fire Tablet #

To connect to our networks on a Fire Tablet you will need to:

4.1 – Go to Settings

4.2 – Select ‘Internet’

4.3 – Select ‘Wi-Fi Preferences’

4.4 – This will bring up a list of network available. Select the ‘ClubWifi_’ network. This will normally be called ‘ClubWifi_Park Name’.

4.5 – Next Steps for either paid to access or free network

4.5.1 – If this is a pay to access network a pop up will load up with instructions on as below.

4.5.2 – If this is a free to access site you will be prompted for the password which the site will provide to you.

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