How to use our Account Portal

Our account portal is designed so that users can add their own devices quickly and easily without the need to wait for a response from our support team and meaning that devices can be connected outside of our support hours.

This applied for devices such as Smart TV’s, speakers and many more.

If you are on one of our paid to access site you can access the account portal via our websites support page or at this link.

Once on our support page you can select any of our paid to access sites via the ‘select your park’ button. When selected a pop out will come up on the side for you to select where you are staying.

From here you will be sent to the parks login page. Here you can login using your credentials you set up when purchasing the wifi.

Once logged in the portal page will show you the current devices linked to your account plus the account type purchased and time remaining.

In here you can disconnect any devices you no longer want used against your device limit or add smart devices such as Smart TV’s & Smart speakers as well as devices such as Fire TV sticks and Apple TV. For further information on connecting these devices please visit our guides on the support page here