Samsung Phones

Since using Google’s Android operating system Samsung phones have become a staple front runner in the mobile phone market.

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1.0 – Updating your Samsung Phone #

For best performance of your Samsung phone you will need to ensure it is on the latest software available. You can do this using the below guide:

1.1 – Swipe up to load further menu

1.2 – Select Settings

1.3 – Select ‘Software Update’

1.4 – Select ‘Download and Install’

1.4 – Wait for the ‘Checking for Updates’ to finish searching

1.4 – Select ‘Download and Install’

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2.0 – Recommended Settings for your Samsung Phone #

To ensure best use of the network we recommend changing your device settings to ensure a stable connection. To do this you need to:

2.1 – Swipe up to open the menu

2.2 – Select ‘Settings’

2.3 – Then Connections

2.4 – Select ‘Wi-Fi’ at the top

2.5 – Select the settings cog next to the Current Network

2.6 – Select MAC address type

2.7 – Select Phone MAC

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3.0 – Your Samsung Phone MAC Address #

A MAC address is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network. We often use this to pre approve your device on our network. To find it you need to:

3.1 – When on your home screen swipe up

3.2 – Select Settings

3.3 – Select ‘About phone’

3.4 – Then select ‘Status’

3.4 – Then the MAC address will be listed under ‘Wi-Fi MAC Address’

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4.0 – Rebooting your Samsung Phone #

Occasionally a reboot of your phone may be required to resolve any connection issues. Below is a guide in how to do this:

4.1 – Hold the volume down and power button at the same time.

*Position of buttons may vary based on phone model

4.2 – Once the power menu opens select Power off

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5.0 – Connecting to a ClubWifi Network on your iPhone #

To connect to our networks on a Samsung Phone you will need to:

5.1 – On your home screen swipe up to load the menu

5.2 – Select ‘Settings’

5.3 – Select ‘Connections’

5.4 – Select Wi-Fi

5.5 – Ensure Wi-Fi is turned on

5.6 – Select the ClubWifi_Park/Marina Name Network

5.7 – Select the ClubWifi_Park/Marina Name Network

5.8 – Next Steps if connecting to a free network #

5.8.1 – Once the network is selected you need to put in the network password. This can be provided by site reception or in your welcome materials.

5.8.2 – Once input and accepted you will show as connected under the network name.

5.9 – Next Steps if connecting to a pay to access network #

5.9.1 – Once the network is selected a page will load offering 3 options.

5.9.2 – Select the button you require and follow the on screen instructions.

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6.0 – Resolving connection issues on your Samsung phone #

Sometimes there can be issues with connections and pages and apps not loading. As a first port of call we would suggest forgetting the network in order to refresh your connection.

6.1 – Forgetting the Network #

6.2 – Select Settings

6.3 – Select Connections

6.4 – Select Wi-Fi

6.4 – Select the cog next to the network

6.4 – Select the forget button with the bin logo

6.5 – Once done you can reconnect to the network and this should clear any faults.

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