I’m seeing ‘too many devices’ message

Error ‘Maximum number of devices reached’​​​​

If you receive this error, the system believes you have exceeded the number maximum number of devices for your account. This can be for a few reasons, but your phone’s settings can typically display to the system as more than one device. To turn this off, please do the following: 

Also for Apple devices, you need to turn off Private Address which is designed to change your device’s unique address which is used to connect to the network. If you go to:

6.2.1 – Settings

6.2.2 – Select Wifi

6.2.3 – Look on the ClubWifi_ connection & tap the blue circle to the right

6.2.4 – Scroll down to ‘Private Address’ and turn it off.

For an Android devices, you can turn off the setting ‘Turn off Random MAC’. If you go to the following:

2.1 – Swipe up to open the menu

2.2 – Select ‘Settings’

2.3 – Then Connections

2.4 – Select ‘Wi-Fi’ at the top

2.5 – Select the settings cog next to the Current Network

2.6 – Select MAC address type

2.7 – Select Phone MAC

Once you have disabled this in your settings, follow the link to log into your account that we sent in our invoice email (under connecting a smart device), and you can remove devices there. We recommend clearing all devices and logging back in with your preferred ones, removing the error.