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With everything you could need at your fingertips the Apple iPhone has become the most popular phone in the world. See below how we can support you iPhone on the ClubWifi Networks.

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1.0 – Updating your iPhone #

For best performance of your iPhone you will need to ensure it is on the latest software available. You can do this using the below guide:

1.1 – Go to settings

1.2 – Navigate to General 

1.3 – The second menu item will say ‘Software Update’

1.4 – Any Available updates will show here. If any available please install this as soon as possible to ensure the best connection to the network.

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2.0 – Resolving Connection Issues with your iPhone #

2.1 – Error ‘No Internet Connection’ #

This error can normally be fixed with a few simple steps. You will need to forget the network and reconnect to the wifi again and this should clear the error. You can do this by:

2.2 – Go to Settings

2.3 – Select ‘Wi-Fi’

2.4 – Select the blue i next to the ‘ClubWifi_’ network

2.5 – Selecting ‘Forget this Network’

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3.0 – Your iPhone MAC Address #

A MAC address is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network. We often use this to pre approve your device on our network. To find it you need to:

3.1 – Go to settings

3.2 – Navigate to General

3.3 – Select About

3.4 – Scroll to ‘Wifi Address’ and the MAC address will be the 12 digit code in the box.

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4.0 – Rebooting your IPhone #

Occasionally a reboot of your iPhone may be required to resolve any connection issues. Below is a guide in how to do this:

4.1.1 – iPhone with Face ID: Simultaneously press and hold the side button and either volume button until the sliders appear, then drag the Power Off slider.

4.1.2 – iPhone with the Home button: Press and hold the side button or Sleep/Wake button (depending on your model), then drag the slider.

4.2 – On all iPhones you can also navigate to:

4.1 – Go to Settings

4.2 – Select General

4.3 – Scroll to the bottom and select Shut Down

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5.0 – Connecting to a ClubWifi Network on your iPhone #

To connect to our networks on an iPhone you will need to:

5.1 – Go to Settings

5.2 – Select ‘Wi-Fi’

5.3 – Select the ‘ClubWifi_’ network. This will normally be called ‘ClubWifi_Park Name’.

5.4 – Next Steps for either paid to access or free network

5.4.1 – If this is a pay to access network a pop up will load up with instructions on as below.

5.4.2 – If this is a free to access site you will be prompted for the password which the site will provide to you.

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6.0 – Recommended settings for your Iphone on a ClubWifi Network #

If you are on an iPhone and having issues with your connection we would recommend adjusting some settings that will improve your Wifi experience. 

6.1 – Turning off Wifi Assist #

If you are on an Apple device you can ‘Turn off Wifi Assist’ which is setting designed to disconnect from Wifi if 4G signal is stronger. You can do this by going to:

6.1.1 – Settings

6.1.2 – Select Mobile Data

6.1.3 – Scroll down to the very bottom and turn off ‘Wifi Assist”

6.2 – Turn off Private Address #

Also for Apple devices, you may need to turn off Private Address which is designed to change your device’s unique address which is used to connect to the network. If you go to:

6.2.1 – Settings

6.2.2 – Select Wifi

6.2.3 – Look on the ClubWifi_ connection & tap the blue circle to the right

6.2.4 – Scroll down to ‘Private Address’ and turn it off.

6.3 – Turn on ‘Low Data Mode’ #

Low Data Mode is a setting designed to ensure that the main task you are performing on your phone has the maximum available bandwidth. It does this by stopping background app usage and automatic updates which can slow down the available speeds. We only would recommend doing this during peak times or is struggling with speeds due to site demand. To turn this on you need to:

6.3.1 – Go to Settings

6.3.2 – Select Wi-Fi

6.3.3 – Look on the ClubWifi_ connection & tap the blue circle to the right

6.3.4 – Press the toggle switch next to ‘Low Data Mode’

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Useful Links #

For further support with your iPhone please visit the apple support page at

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