Xbox One

Having sold over 50 million consoles world wide the Xbox One is a major player in the gaming market. See below for how we can support your Xbox One on the ClubWifi Networks.

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1.0 – Updating your Xbox One #

For best performance of your Xbox One you will need to ensure it is on the latest software available. Often they will be set to be automatically downloaded however if you wish to do this manually you can follow the below guide:

1.1 – Make sure your console is connected to the Internet, then press the Xbox button to open the guide and select Profile & system (your account icon) > Settings.

1.2 – Select System > Updates & downloads > Update console

1.3 – If you see a greyed-out ‘No console update available’ instead of ‘Update console’ it’s because you’re already up to date.

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2.0 – Your Xbox One MAC Address #

A MAC address is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network. We often use this to pre approve your device on our network. To find it you need to:

2.1 – Navigate to the Settings page

2.2 – Select Network

2.3 – Select Advanced Settings

2.4 – Your MAC address will be listed next to “Wireless MAC” on the right hand side of the screen

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3.0 – Rebooting your Xbox One #

Occasionally a reboot of your Fire Tablet may be required to resolve any connection issues. Below is a guide in how to do this:

3.1 – Press and hold the Xbox button in the centre of your Xbox controller to open the Power Centre.

3.2 – Select Restart console.

3.3 – Select Restart.

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4.0 – Connecting to a ClubWifi Network on your xbox one. #

Follow the below guides for if you are on a paid to access site or a free network.

4.1 – Paid to Access Networks #

4.1.1 – Locate the MAC address for your Xbox One using this guide: Your Xbox One MAC Address

4.1.2 – Log into your account via our account portal HERE. For any problems using our online account system you can troubleshoot by using the following GUIDE

4.1.3 – Login and select ‘add a device’

4.1.4 – Input your 12 digit MAC address and add it to your account.

4.1.5 – Connect to the ‘ClubWifi_ParkName’ on your Xbox One and you will be automatically connected.

Free Networks

4.2.1 – Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

4.2.2 – Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Network settings.

4.2.3 – Select Set up wireless network.

4.2.4 – Connect to the ‘ClubWifi_ParkName’ and input the password. If you do not know the password please contact reception.

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