Smart TV – Locating the MAC address

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A Smart TV, which uses an internet connection to stream content from different providers, are made to connect to a home Wifi network using a network name and password to connect. As some ClubWifi networks are public networks, and therefore require you to login to an account, they need to be connected differently to a network.

I can’t connect my TV #

Struggling to connect your TV to the network? To connect a Smart TV to a public paid network a MAC address will be required to connect the device.

Smart TVs MAC addresses will normally be found in the settings in either ‘About’ or in the network settings. 

The MAC address will be a 12-digit code that will look something like 1f:44:h7:8u:99:3e.

If you require more specific instructions on where to find your make and models MAC address, a Google search should help with locating that information.

Once you have located the MAC address for the TV you will then need to add that information to your online WiFi account to connect the TV. Use the link below to our article on accessing your WiFi account.

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