How Do I ‘Forget The Network’?

Occasionally your device may not be able to connect to the network. In this situation, it may be necessary to ‘Forget the Network’ on your device and to then get a fresh connection back on to the network. Please use the instructions below for your particular device:

Apple iPhone and iPad: 

Settings > Wifi > Tap the blue circle with an ‘i’ in > On the next page locate ‘Forget this network’ and tap > You should then see a pop-up message, tap ‘Forget’ again. You should then be taken back to the available network screen

Apple MacBook / iMac:

System Preferences > Network > Select ‘Advanced’ > Select the network to ‘forget’ > Hit the minus ‘-‘ button > Go back to the networks page and re-connect back to the _ClubWifi network


Settings > Connections >  Select Wifi > Tap and hold the _ClubWifi network > On the pop-up menu select ‘forget network’

Windows Laptop:

Network options > Find the _ClubWifi network from the list > Right-click on the network > Select ‘Forget this network’ in the pop-up menu